What engines do you recommend?

  • We highly recommend Pleasure craft marine’s LS 6.0L (450hp) engine as well as the 6.2L (550hp) engine which are both electric fuel injected.
  • The 6.0L engine comes with 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, as the 6.2L comes with a three-year / 200-hour transferrable warranty.

What fuel consumption is normal for your airboats?

  • Being this question is very difficult to answer since each boat is differently built and carries various loads, under normal conditions and weight of a 16’ x 8’ airboat, our airboats typically consume 8-10 gallons of fuel per hour of continuous operation. This calculation was recorded during cruising speeds at 3200RPMs-3500RPMs and 25-30MPH continuous operation in a 16’ x 8’ Diamondback Airboat with the PCM 550hp engine.

What warranty is available on your boats?

  • Life time warranty on the hull to any structural defects from the manufacturer to the original owner. Diamondback does not warranty damage from misuse / abuse of equipment or from rust and electrolysis.
  • Our stainless-steel superstructure comes with a two-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship with exception of rust and electrolysis.
  • Polymer is warrantied for two-years against leakage.
  • Engine: please read “what engines do you recommend”?

Do your airboats come with polymer on the bottom?

  • We highly recommend polymer on all airboats that we manufacture with exception of our large tour boats. Your choice of Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polymer thickness of ¼”, 3/8”, or ½” is available for installation. We secure the polymer to our hulls with three options, riveted, stainless-steel screws, & stainless-steel nuts & bolts.
  • We have a two-year warranty for the polymer we install on our boats.

Have you ever built “ice safe” airboats?

  • Yes, we have built multiple ice rescue airboats as well as other ice safe airboats for other operations. We structurally reinforce the hull to withhold the abuse of the ice conditions to ensure safe operations to persons on our vessels.

What makes your company stand apart from the competition?

  • Our customer satisfaction is second to none on the airboat market. We strive to satisfy all customers with purchases big or small.
  • The attention to detail Diamondback Airboats produces speaks for itself. When our products are compared to any competitor in the market, our boats stand out drastically. Please come by our facility to view our quality workmanship and attention to detail! We will be happy to show you around.

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