Since 2002 and this being my 3rd Custom Build Airboat I want to once again say thanks to the great Diamondback team and all the effort and detail that was put in to my recent Custom Metal Work and accessories build. The attention to detail and patience put forth are not only appreciated by me but also complimented by my friends and fellow airboaters. Although this hull was not an Ultra-Lite Aluminum Diamondback as were my last two, great pride and workmanship were not compromised throughout by each responsible employee in his or her area of expertise including Sales, Metal Work Fabrication, Wiring, Custom Paint and Stainless Polishing etc. I want to extend a personal thanks to Ty, Tommy, Wayne, Nick, Dwayne, Dave, Scooter, Vinnie, Corrie, Heather and last but not least the Matriarch of the Diamondback family Mrs. Fran Fleckinger. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Diamondback Airboats where quality and staff integrity are not compromised to anyone looking for a great airboat whether it be for Work or Pleasure.


I’ve been trying to come up with a testimonial for my 2012 15′ X 8’Diamondback and I feel it’s hard without sounding phony and about all I can say is it’s been perfect for me and I’ve had zero problems. A perfect low horsepower (330) setup that takes me anywhere I want or need to go. I’ve never been stuck and have only shaken the rake less than 5 times because of parking in soft moss-like soil. I can honestly say I’ve never dealt with better people in my life and have always been treated like a Friend when I stop by. With the help of Fran, Tommy and Scooter I got the perfect Airboat for me and I’m still enjoying my boat because it’s still like new after 6 full years. Steve Reid


Diamondback is by far the highest quality airboat that any federal or private sector can purchase. They go above and beyond to make sure that you as the customer are happy with build and get what you want. They complete their work on time and on schedule with the build, along with sending pictures and updates throughout the build process. I would not go anywhere else for our boats especially since we depend on them during search and rescue circumstances. If you at all are looking at getting comparable quotes, you will not be able to find any other dealer that will provide the craftsmanship that Diamondback supplies.

We put many hours on our boats out here in the everglades and run them through rigorous calls and areas within the everglades, make the boats beat through 10 foot plus saw grass and trees to get to our callers, and the boats push on and that is where you can see where the craftsmanship stands out.

Please don’t take this email as a sales pitch, I just know that the quality is 10 fold better than other manufactures.


On behalf of the town of Harpswell, I want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your exceptional staff, for a job well done! From start to finish, you went above and beyond to ensure the town of Harpswell’s new airboat was top-notch. And that it was! When we saw the boat for the first time, upon our arrival in Florida, we knew the ride from Maine was certainly worth it. The unique craftsmanship, attention to detail, and overall quality of the airboat far surpassed our expectations. The added equipment you put on the boat certainly did not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated.

Every time I contacted you or your staff, on behalf of the town of Harpswell, I was more than impressed with the friendly customer service I received each and every time. It was quite evident from the beginning, each and every Diamondback employee pride themselves on their outstanding work and service. This alone spoke volumes.

When we took the airboat on its maiden voyage last week, on the “salt water mudflats” of Maine, it performed flawlessly! This is a testament to your outstanding leadership and everyone’s hard work and dedication to Diamondback.

Again, thank you very much for all you have done in making such a fine AMERICAN product!

Steve Welsh

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office


We took the airboat that you and your company produced for us out on the Maine “mudflats” earlier this week. The vessel handled itself exactly how we expected it to. I have had experience operating an airboat for several years in a different municipality and this boat lived up to every expectation. Thank you again for the great craftsmanship and attention to detail as this vessel will certainly be put to work during the rest of its operational life in Maines harsh marine environment. Thanks again.

Paul Plummer

Harbormaster & MR Administrator

Town of Harpswell, Maine


I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you at Diamondback for an amazing experience. As a business owner, I know how important a quality product and customer service are. Diamondback is second to none in both of these categories. It was well worth the 950 mile drive from Texas to pick up my boat. Your facilities are great and your team treated me like family. I am on my second Diamondback and don’t see myself running anything else.

Scott Whitehead

Sour Lake, Texas


Thanks for the tour. You and your crew are a top notch operation. I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of an airboat.


Recently I had the pleasure of purchasing a rescue airboat for my fire department through Diamondback Airboats. I have no previous experience with airboats, but I knew the airboat was what I wanted for our coverage area. Fran was able to make the process very easy for me. She was very easy to get a hold of and was always willing help in any way she could. I had a very strict budget and timeframe and Fran helped me meet both. The Diamondback team is full of hospitality. Throughout the build I received numerous progress pictures to keep me up to date and the build team’s communication was fantastic!! Tommy picked us up at the airport and gave us a personal shop tour and Scooter took us out on our new airboat and showed us how to unload, operate, and load the airboat. Scooter stayed out on the river as long as we needed to ensure we felt comfortable in operating the boat. The boat arrived a week later and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Everything the Diamondback Airboat team stated they lived by. They were great to work with!

Clayton O’Brien

Fire Chief


I went back to Florida and went by several facilities, my last stop on that trip was Diamondback Airboats. Fran Fleckinger one of the owners met with me and she introduced me to Scooter Back and together we discussed what I wanted to be able to do.

Most airboaters don’t run navigable water and deal with large boat wakes and other harsh conditions I’d be dealing with. They happen to be testing a boat that day, Scooter asked if I wanted to take a spin, I was impressed at the performance it was a lot different than the big tour boat I had been on. After my ride Scooter and Fran Suggested I come to an airboat show they would be at that weekend to check out some designs. The next day I was introduced to Randy Hill and Britt Reynolds of USA Marine Training. Randy took me on my 1st dry ground ride and I knew I was hooked.

Talking with them about the importance of proper training especially in commercial applications I knew that despite all my operating experience and credentials it was something that I really needed. I decided to go with Diamondback and USA Marine Training. Both have been great to deal with over the years with any issue or questions I’ve had and have supported me 100%..

James Moore


In our bowfishing and gator hunting business we have run an 18 foot 1999 Diamondback for years. Wanting to expand, we added a 15 x 8, 550 h.p. in 2016. We love both of our airboats. It’s a pretty good indicator that a company is doing something right if the customers keep coming back.

This is an awesome boat and the people you work with stand behind their product. It is a joy doing business with them. You will not be disappointed with a Diamondback.

If you need more information about our experience with this company and their airboats, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Captain Bobby Hensel


I know you probably get a few of these but the airboat has been a tremendous hit up here. See attached. Fortunately we had unusually high water all summer and fall in our marshes as our river runs south of town. We went to areas we never get to see. Thanks for a great boat. Merry Christmas.

Rue Leitzke


A testimonial about Tommy:

I am writing to let you know (and to PASS this info on for me…) that I stopped at your Diamondback Airboat place in Cocoa, FL recently. I was checking on your airboats as I have always been interested in buying a used one. Well, I was helped by your shop foreman…TOM BACK… and I wanted to tell you what a very big help he was to me! He went out of his way to make sure all my questions were answered! He is a GREAT ASSET to your company!

Please make sure the owners are informed of this!! He even helped me when I stopped back in about a week ago to show him the used ‘99 diamondback airboat I was able to find and purchase. He looked it all over for me and even made sure any adjustments to the motor were correct!! You should be very happy and proud to have him as your employee! Thank you, Tom! Please be sure this email gets to the proper authorities.

I am very impressed with your company and its reputation for ALL THESE YEARS! I am very happy I pursued my dream of owning one of your airboats!!

Allan Cameron MacDonell, Port Orange, FL


We own Airboat Tours by Arthur in Southeast Louisiana and have been buying airboats from Diamondback since 1992. We’ve been very happy with the quality and performance of their products which is what keeps us coming back everytime we are in need of a new airboat. Our business is operated using only Diamondback airboats. We use our boats daily for tours, but often use them for different applications including but not limited to search and rescue, filming, soil sampling, oil & gas work, pipeline, seismic, and powerline work.

The boats are well designed and perform satisfactory on a wide range of applications and terrain. We are espeicially proud of our airboats being the shining example of the capability and effectiveness of airboats during major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, the Deepwater Horizon and Kalamazoo River oil spills, and the recent flooding event in the Baton Rouge area. Many lives were spared and vital clean-up work was accomplished in the most efficient way thanks to the versatility of our Diamondback airboats.

Having been in business and operating airboats for many years, we like that Diamondback is willing to custom build boats to our specs when requested. The staff at Diamondback are committed to producing the industry’s best product and have an excellent customer service department. We brag about how well our boats perform to our customers and friends. We regularly send business to Diamondback using our boats as an example of what the brand has to offer. Keep up the great work Diamondback, we’ll see you soon for our next order.

Arthur Matherne Jr.
Owner / Operator


We want to give Bobby, Fran and the whole Diamondback Team a huge Thank You!!!

We have been purchasing Diamondback boats for over 25 years for both work and pleasure. We wouldn’t recommend any other. The work boats have been build sturdier with a reinforced hull and cage to withstand the punishment it is put through collecting alligator eggs. Diamondback has worked with us over the years to perfect our optimal work boat and now our latest over the top pleasure boat!! This boat is not only gorgeous to look at; it is lighter, faster and handles great in the water. If that wasn’t enough it runs the hill “dry ground” without effort. With this lighter hull and rigging we can tell a difference with improve gas mileage and speed. The design, paint job and attention to detail is phenomenal.

We appreciate all your hard work and effort you put into this awesome boat!

Thank you again!!

Hoho & Debbie Brooks

Brooks Family Alligator Farms


Dear Bobby & Fran,

We would like to take a moment to commend Diamondback on yet another fine boat you have custom built for us. It’s amazing just when we think you’ve built the best of the best each time, you end up exceeding all expectations and coming up with another artistic idea or design to make it even better than the last one. Your company is by far the true meaning for “customer satisfaction” in standing behind anything and everything you do. The whole staff is amazing and always so polite and helpful. You both should be very proud of the business name you stand behind and the quality of boats you produce. They are definitely like no other and one of a kind!!! And your business is more than just a business or a group of team players, it’s a family!!!

Kind Regards,

Tyson & Michele


I have been wanting to write this letter to you, but just have not sit down to do it. You know I worked out of town the first year we had our Diamondback, but this year we have been home. I think we have made up for that first year. We are out in it every time we have a chance. You wouldn’t believe the feedback we get on our boat while we are out in it. It is definitely a show piece. it always draws a crowd. The craftsmanship that went into building my boat is awesome. I don’t think anyone could find a better crafted airboat. Like one of my friends said it is the Cadillac of airboats. I would be proud to take it anywhere.

I just want you and your staff to know how much it means to me the quality of materials and the skilled craftsmanship that was put into building my airboat. I know if I every have a problem with it or wanted to do any additions to it, it would be worth the trip to have your staff work on it. I appreciate your personal attention to everything that was involved in building it exactly like I wanted. I would and do recommend you to anyone that is interested in purchasing an airboat.

Your Friend,

Steve Clayton


Hi Ms. Fran

I just wanted to say thanks to the entire Diamondback team for building me a great running and looking 15X8 Sleek designed hull with the flat bottom in it. It literally took me two years to decide on which hull I wanted to use for my new build, I talked to almost every manufacture out there, big and small and when you and your team invited me down and showed me around I made my decision that day and have not regretted it since. Diamondback exceeded my expectations of what an Airboat manufacture should be, the customer service was great before, during and after my hull was built and I was running it.

I have now had it out on the Gulf four times and each trip I had enjoyed it more and more. I built the rigging for it and a 427” LS engine with 2.68 OX/Clutch box on it with a Whirlwind 80” 4 blade prop, with this combination this hull is a rocket! I would recommend this hull to anyone looking for a low sleek looking hull that still wants a safe good floating hull as even with the low sides this hull floats very good, I believe the flat bottom helps with this. Thanks again to Team Diamondback and I’m sure this will not be the last hull you’ll build me. I have also attached pictures of the boat.

Randy Howard



We became part of the Diamondback family in October of 2015 when we purchased our first boat. We knew we were going to be getting high quality work when going to Diamondback but they even exceeded our highest
expectations. Through every stage of ordering, building, and delivering, our experience has been nothing short of excellent. Bobby and Fran were a pleasure to work with and were very helpful in their suggestions and ideas. They were, and still are, always
available to answer any questions we may have no matter day or time. We look forward to building our next boat with them as well.

Thanks again.

Thomas Cauthen


My name is Casey Hogan; I’m the fire chief of Bayou Gauche V.F.D. in Bayou Gauche, Louisiana. On November 27th we received our 2015 Diamondback Airboat. This airboat will provide fire suppression and rescue service, as well as provide a backup
to our existing fire boat.

First I’d like to say that Fran spent a lot of time designing and writing the specs for the bidding process I must follow, before she even knew if she was going win the bid. When I started this process with Fran, I had an idea of what I wanted this boat to be; Fran and Tommy along with the rest of the Diamondback staff far exceeded my expectations. The quality and craftsmanship, is unlike any other that I’ve seen, and mixed with the Steve Schmidt power plant, this boat is a BEAST! I was referred to Diamondback by a satisfied costumer, and I’m very thankful we went with Diamondback. Corrie and the office staff were very helpful in answering my questions and sending photographs of the building progress.

While we haven’t had to use this boat in a real life situation, I strongly believe it will perform flawlessly. I’m looking forward to working with Diamondback again in the future.


Chief Hogan

Bayou Gauche Volunteer Fire Dept.


Hi Fran,

I wanted to reach out to you on my recently purchased used 2012 Diamondback Airboat. Owning an airboat has been a dream for me and my family for quite a while. As I am sure you are aware I did a ton of research on airboats prior to my purchase and it was a very easy decision to go with a Diamondback airboat. Initially I intended to build a new boat but your recommendation to go with this used boat as my first airboat was spot on. The boat has been absolutely Awesome but what I didn’t expect was the one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. You and your staff were very straight forward and honest and that means a lot in todays world.

I made quite a few additions to the boat and therefore dealt with most all of your staff from the front office through you and Scooter as well as Tommy and his staff in the fabrication shop. You all were amazing and patient with my required attention to detail. Your front office including Tonya, Carrie, and Carlie were always friendly and helpful. Carlie went above and beyond to facilitate the title transfer from the out of state title that the title office was making difficult. Scooter kept me informed on the progress and in the end you delivered a boat and an experience that was remarkable. My hats off to you, Bobby, Scooter, Carlie, Tonya, Carrie, Tommy and his fabrication staff. You all earned my respect and appreciation as a company and your product has performed flawlessly. Thanks to the entire Diamondback Team on a job well done.

Jay Sant


Our Diamondback consistently outperforms all other boats on the rivers around us. Yesterday was another testimony to its power and use. A neighboring fire dept lost its boat on the rain swollen river. We were able to navigate it with ease. Now we bought our boat two years ago. We are very very proud of our boat! Lumberland Fire Dept


To the Diamondback Team,

Since I started working for Lafourche Parish in 2011 as the Coastal Zone Management I have dreamed of the day our parish would own an airboat. Our parish is the epicenter of coastal land loss in Louisiana and over the last five years we have begun building partnerships that have led to numerous coastal restoration projects with our parish. This had led to the necessity of having a boat that could get places that outboards and even most mud boats can’t. In 2013 I was appointed as the Parish Administrator for our Parish (basically the CAO/COO) and have taken a stronger stance in restoration projects and have built better partnerships.

Over the last two years we have been relying on others with Airboats to take us to project sites and to conduct other site visits. Last year I approached our Parish President with the idea to purchase our own. It would be more cost effective and allow us to work on our own schedule. She agreed and so the process began. After talking with several local folks and other coastal parishes we realized that Diamondback Airboats were the ones to go with. We of course reached out to several other Louisiana Based airboat manufacturers but we didn’t have any luck. We reached out to Diamondback and within 2 hours Mrs. Fran was calling me talking about what we wanted in a boat.

After several calls and emails we had a set of specs and a price. Again, we reached out to the Louisiana folks and no one could or would match what Mrs Fran had sent us. From the day in which I called Mrs. Fran to let her know our Parish Council had approved the purchase she, Scooter and Corrie were in constant communication about the progress of the boat, color choices and the minor things most people don’t call you about. The day of delivery was here and after and exciting 10 hour drive to get it, we were greeted like friends.

Scooter took us out and explained just about every feature that the boat had and took us for a test drive to make sure we were happy with it. Corrie walked us through all the paperwork and manuals to assure we had everything we needed. After making it home we dropped it in the bayous and marshes of our parish and the boat preformed beyond my expectations. The stability and handling are excellent and allowed us to get to project sites we have only been able to see from the air.

I can’t thank the Diamondback crew enough for putting out a top quality product and providing five star customer service throughout the process.


To the BEST Airboat Company in the World,

My name is Steve Hayes, a US Coast Guard Master Captain, a Certified Florida Master Naturalist, and owner Of Stumpknocker Airboat Tours in Vero Beach, FL.

In January of 2004, I purchased one of Diamondback’s competitors used airboat that was the first large airboat used in my tour business. Several months into owning the boat, it developed a pretty bad leak in the radiator. So, I took it back to the manufacturer in Orlando, told them what the situation and problem was, and they said that it would be about two weeks before they could even look at it. This was not in the cards. As I pulled out of their parking lot, I called Diamondback. They said bring it over an they would take care of the problem as soon as I got there. No B.S., in an hour and a half after I arrived, I was on the road back to Vero to resume the tours. Diamondback did not know me from Adam, yet they took a competitors airboat, with a problem, dropped what they were doing, fixed it, an sent me on the way. They worked on this boat several times in the next couple of years, whenever I would bring it to them, no questions asked. In August of 2007, it came time to order a new airboat, Diamondback was the ONLY place that I went. They may have been a little more expensive, I honestly don’t know, but they built me the airboat that I asked for, in the time that they said that it would take and for the price that they quoted. Since then, the boat has acquired 4300 hours of totin’ lots of people around the headwaters of the St. John’s River, tellin’ them about the alligators, birds, fish, and flora of the area, gettin’ a few laughs out of them an bringin’ them back safely. Diamondback is the ONLY airboat company that you will see me doin’ business with.

Capt. Steve Hayes
Owner; Stumpknocker Airboat Tours, Vero Beach, Florida


Hi Fran,

I wanted to thank you for the factory tour and opportunity to test drive our new airboat before delivery to our shop in Tallahassee for agency marking. You have an amazing business and even though it was a “government” sale, we very much appreciate the time you took during the build to communicate with the end operator, Lt Scott Lee, who will be using it in Taylor County for Search and Rescue missions and other remote area law enforcement needs. Lt Lee and I were really impressed with the boat and your customer service.

Thank you!



Hello Fran,

Me and my wife Casey just wanna say that we have never met people quite like yall at Diamondback. We really enjoyed yall and for us to just be buying a used boat from yall the customer service was the best out there and yall made us feel like family. We surely appreciate it and next time we get over to Florida we will try to meet up with yall again.



Thanks to you and all the hard work of the folks at Diamondback I got exactly what I wanted in an airboat! I think that you were quite modest about the performance of the GM 350 which was a nice surprise my first time out. I’ve driven it over levees that I had my doubts about it crossing with no problem, through saw grass that was dry as a bone for probably half a mile, and it runs dry ground for at least the fifty yards I need it to.

The quality of craftsmanship was a big thing with me as you already know I retired as a welding inspector. I think that the quality, is bar none, some of the best I’ve seen, and believe me, I looked it over.

Even though I knew pretty much what I wanted, it was very nice of you to help my wife and I decide what colors and other features that made the boat look as good as it does and practical for us. The bass seat mounts and deck all the way back to the first seat are one of best features for fishing. I didn’t feel like I needed extreme horse power on a 14 ft. hull so I chose that GM350 marine engine with 330 hp with your advice, and again, it’s been good advice. That 350 has been reliable, very easy to maintain and not bad on gas. To where my wife and I fish and I hunt is a 40 min run one way, with a mixture of running, from being conservative to get there, to higher rpm to cross a levee or run saw grass I usually burn about 8.5 to 9 gallons round trip. High rpm meaning from 4000 to 4900 rpm and normal running at about 3100 to 3300 rpm or about 30 mph with two people. Of course all the rpm and gas changes with different loads and as I have already told you in a call ,my boat will run much faster than 30 mph.

Thanks again for more boat than I thought I was getting, in appearance, performance and quality. When you purchase something it is quite normal for everyone to want all they can get for their money. In this case, I have been totally pleased with my purchase. As you know we drove from Port Arthur, Texas, a trip of over 900 miles to where you are, it was well worth the drive. I guess the best advice I would give someone wanting a real airboat is to call you and make a drive to Florida

Again, thank you for a great boat that I’m very proud of.

Kernice and Vicki Landry
Port Arthur, Texas


Bobby and Fran,

I brought my new awesome airboat back safe and sound yesterday. I wanted to express my complete gratitude to all of you for allowing me to stay in your state of the art factory for the last 4 weeks. I was in awe watching the artist’s at work building my boat with such great pride. You have gone way above and beyond my wildest expectations in my new DB your team has delivered to me. I must say that I have never been surrounded by a better team of dedicated people than those at Diamondback.

Thank you again and I am most grateful.

Nevin Jenkins
Homosassa, Fl


The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office is very pleased with its new Diamondback Airboat which handles extremely well!

We cannot express our gratitude enough for the terrific job you and your organization did in completing our new airboat.

Diamondback Airboats: ‘Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been for me, down through many years, to have dealt with Diamondback.
During the years that I guided along the St. Johns River marsh, Diamondback kept my airboat running. No matter what the problem, how short the notice or how many people had to be pulled off other jobs…my problem became your problem and I was accommodated. I’m aware that this same service was accorded others as well. Whenever I’ve had occasion to purchase parts, electronics, props and such like, Diamondbacks prices have been fair and what I needed was always available. When you built my airboat, you allowed, even encouraged me to interact and take part in the design of the boat…never once discouraging me from entering the shop area! One of my proudest, airboat moments was driving out of your gates with my Diamondback Airboat in the rearview mirror…following me home! Thanks to you all for making such fine products and for being there, in every way, for your customers…and mostly, my thanks for making me feel like family!!!! Ever Your Friend, Flip Pallot


I am very happy with my new airboat from Diamondback!

Diamondback makes a quality product that is second to none. During the building process of my new airboat, they kept me informed all along the way of their progress. They provided me with pictures of my boat as it was being built in every stage. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Diamondback stands behind their products and that gives me a great feeling. They do not just want you to be a first time customer; they want you to come back with any service related issues and for future purchases.

My last airboat was built by a competitor, and this one drives like a Cadillac compared to my old one. The style and design of this airboat was exactly what I was looking for and the engine and propellers are better suited to my needs. Thank you Diamondback for building me a quality boat!

Robert L. Moody, Jr.


As you know, i just got my 7th Diamondback airboat. WOW! You guys really knocked it out of the park on this one!

All of my Diamondbacks have been great. Each has been better than the last. but the special options, seats, dash, sound system are superb. Not to mention how happy I am with the responsiveness of that Mast engine. I dont know how many more boats I’ll have in my life, but I know where they will come from!


Tom Dinsdale, Grand Island Nebraska


Diamondback Airboat Family,

I have been airboating for over 15 years. I owned a 2003 Diamondback that was 3 years old when I purchased it. That boat was immaculate when I owned it and in even better shape when I sold it to its third owner. My current Diamondback that I received on Oct. 1, 2015 is the nicest machine that I have ever seen or owned. You all made the design and build process a breeze.

Your communication throughout the process was extremely helpful in keeping me within my budget and still receiving everything that I wanted. There are not many airboat manufactures that allow you such a personal touch. Diamondback builds a vessel that is second to none. If you could have seen my face when I received my boat in Houston, TX you know that Diamondback has a customer for life. This boat will bring many years of enjoyment to my family. It is truly a work of art. Thank you to the entire crew at Diamondback Airboats and the Fleckinger Family.

God Bless, The Oquin Family, San Antonio, Texas

James Oquin


Thanks Diamondback!

Talked to Diamondback several times and signed contract on cost, delivery date and pickup date for our Diamondback Airboat to get new polymer. Drove approx. 1400 miles and delivered boat @ DB facility on scheduled delivery date. When my wife (Tuwana) and I arrived at DB facility, Fran, Tommy and Scooter looked over our hull and assured us there was nothing to be concerned about. My wife and I left and went on vacation for a week.

Back in the states, Tuwana and I showed up @ DB facility on scheduled pickup date and boat was finished and ready to go. Wow! DB crew did a heck of a job on polymer replacement and re-spraying inside of hull. Thanks DB crew for the high quality of work we received, having boat ready to go when you said you would and also for treating Tuwana and I like family.

Again, thanks

Chris & Tuwana Trout


We purchased our Diamondback airboat in 2007. For the past thirteen years it has performed flawlessly in every situation we have put it through. The quality of their craftsmanship is unmatched. Over the years we have returned several times for routine maintenance and have always been pleased with their work and prompt turn around. What really sets Diamondback apart is the staff and the customer service they provide. Our mission success is based on support from strong partnerships. The crew at Diamondback as always been there when we needed them.


Sgt Chris Morrell

Charleston Police Department